By: Allison Johnson

For Campus Life, the Unified Focus means more kids in Christ-sharing relationships with adults - thousands more across the country. That means that Campus Life Leaders are constantly multiplying themselves into others. Through resources like Campus Life 101 and Student2Staff, we can start to equip others to share in this mission. We get to pull together a relational army in each school to saturate a community partnering with like-minded ministries, local churches, and Christian adults in relationships with lost students.

For Campus Life, the Unified Focus means a better understanding of the practice and needs of Campus Life. From Executive Leadership and boards to churches and other leaders in a community, Campus Life cannot grow if these leaders don’t have an accurate picture of how it works and what it needs.

For Campus Life, the Unified Focus means raising up young and old leaders to empower in this mission. From student leaders in middle school and high school all the way up to alumni leaders and intern leaders, we desire health and growth of not only the ministry these people are doing, BUT the health and growth of their relationship with Jesus and how they reach their friends.

For Campus Life, the Unified Focus means being clear about who we are and what we do. Using branding and marketing, social media, websites, and promotional materials to get the word out about what Campus Life is and what God is doing through this ministry are some ways we create clarity.

Get excited because these things are actually in the works. The Campus Life Strategic Plan is in motion as we speak! Hopefully, God willing, He uses all of these things to ultimately bring more students to Himself!

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