By: Kevin Becht

What will it take for us to realize the importance and potential of a well-intended effort in the Essential we call “Widespread Prayer”? For me, personally, it took a journey that was far beyond my control to realize it’s not about being a good pray-er … it’s about realizing our need for prayer.  And that must stem from a desire for a life and ministry that is greater than anything we could dream or imagine. So how do we do this?

Allow me to suggest making it a goal to create three lists of folks with whom we communicate our prayer concerns on a regular basis.

Monthly – Include a prayer insert in our monthly communications with supporters. Consider creating a bookmark each month that can either be saved or printed for the prayer partner to keep as a handy reminder of when ministry events are happening for which they can pray.

Weekly – Each Monday we send out a reminder to those who have committed to pray for us on a weekly basis with a schedule of the week’s ministry activities. This team knows when our staff is stepping on campus for lunch or an event.  They know what topics are being discussed at club. They know when our small groups are meeting and where. While we are with students, they are praying.

As needed – we have created a list of folks who would prefer to receive a text message when something urgent or specific is going on. This list gets a quick text before an important meeting with a donor, student or volunteer.

These are just a few simple ideas to put our Essential of Widespread Prayer into action, as we engage lots of Christians to intercede on behalf of the ministry site. Start by adding just one of these options to your ministry routine and watch God work in amazing ways through prayer. 

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