An urban youth (let’s call him Micah) struggles with dealing with interpersonal conflict.  Micah is not a believer, but has been attending your program for about a year.  Through your relationship with him, you know that the conflict management that has been handed down to him in his family life has been yelling, screaming and unforgiveness.  He often gets in verbal arguments with other students and sometimes, even fistfights.  You have had to send Micah home early from the program before because of his lack of self-control.

A situation unfolds at bible study where another male student take the last of the potato chips right before Micah gets some and verbal argument breaks out.  Micah gets in the other boy’s face, throws around some obscenities and turns on his heel and walks out the front door.  You find Micah on the front porch – steaming mad with his head in his hands. 

What do you do??  In the next couple of weeks we will be unfolding both a negative reaction you could make to Micah's behavior and a positive reaction.  I'd love to read your thoughts....



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