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Articles from September 2011

Become the Relationship Initiator - Spend Time in Their World

09/26/2011 – When developing relationship with urban youth, it is also important to spend as much time as possible in their world.  One of the main ways you can accomplish this goal in urban youth ministry is by...

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Become the Relationship Initiator - Invite Them Into Your World

09/19/2011 – As you gradually build relationship with a student, don’t let McDonalds be the only place where you hang out.  Let them know you, your family and your life.  Let them come to understand that City...

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Become the Relationship Initiator - Asking the Wrong Questions

09/12/2011 – Make sure you mind some of the cultural road bumps that might get your relationship off to a rocky start without even knowing it.  While you are spending time with the teens, it is a great time to...

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Relationship Building Skill #4 – Investing Relational Time Outside of Programs

09/06/2011 – Often the relationships with urban youth can begin through a structured ministry program like a City Life Club or a Bible Study but this layer of knowing a student isn’t deep enough to develop the...

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