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Articles from March 2012

3 Key Findings From the Research

03/27/2012 –   After interviewing 81 young indigenous leaders from across the country our team discovered 3 KEY FINDINGS.  Later in this blogs series we will break down each of these findings in detail and...

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Raising Urban Leaders - Research On What Works

03/20/2012 –   indigenous (inˈdijənəs) - adjective.  Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. What REALLY works to develop indigenous leaders from urban youth? What do YOUNG URBAN...

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Urban Youth Ministry Relational Skills Review

03/13/2012 – Let's take a moment to review the relationship skills we have covered in order to develop a thriving urban youth ministry! Relationship Building Skill #1 – Shifting From Lectures to...

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Learning to Apologize - Doing it Right, Doing it Wrong

03/06/2012 – Let’s take a look about how learning to apologize in urban youth ministry might go poorly: Them:  That was wrong at you to lose your cool at the new kid.  And you said you were a Christian!...

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