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Articles from April 2012

Key Finding #2 - More Practical Tips

04/24/2012 – Last week  we covered a first set of practical suggestions on how you can help urban youth turn negative life experiences into positive ones.  This is an essential skill to see urban youth raised...

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Key Finding #2 - Challenging Life Events Move Young Leaders Forward

04/18/2012 –   Catalyst (kat-l-ist) noun. A person or thing that precipitates an event or change: Our second KEY FINDING from our indigenous leadership research project was that catalytic life events...

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Raising Indigenous Leadership Research Project - Key Findings Review

04/10/2012 – Written by: Marvin Jacobo Let’s pause and quickly review the 6 major findings of our research: 1. The strength of Youth for Christ’s “relational domain” was affirmed-in the neighborhood everything...

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Unpacking Key Finding #1 - Relationships Matter Most

04/03/2012 –   We know from our first KEY FINDING that Relationships Matter Most when it comes to urban youth.  If you want your urban youth to develop into life-long follwers of Jesus who grow up to live a...

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