indigenous (inˈdijənəs) - adjective.  Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

What REALLY works to develop indigenous leaders from urban youth?

What do YOUNG URBAN LEADERS say worked and didn’t work for them to move forward in their relationships with Christ?

Would you want to know how 81 young urban leaders from every region of the country would answer these two questions?  We thought so! 

A collaborative team lead by Dr. Dave Rahn (Youth for Christ), Dr. Kara Powell (Fuller Youth Institute), Eileen Kooreman, (DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative) and other Youth for Christ national urban staff partnered together to shed light on how to better raise life-long followers of Jesus from urban youth. The indigenous urban leaders we sought to learn from had to be in deep relationships with others - influencing them with the love of Christ. The research team wanted to understand what factors contributed to an urban leader developing a personal ministry lifestyle that went beyond the activities of any particular program.

In the following weeks this blog will shed light on the findings of this research and offer practical insights on the challenges of raising up indigenous leaders. We hope that this blog will become a launching pad for more conversation and input from those who are “on the frontlines” in raising up indigenous leaders in America’s urban setting.

We invite you to ask questions, to give opinions and to tell your story of raising leaders from urban youth!

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