This curriculum project was written with love! 

As a City Life National team, each of us has felt the deep call to serve our young people on the margins and in the inner city. While the work is not easy, we do it because these remarkable young people are so special and so worthy of love. As leaders, we show them their worth in the ways in which we have listened to, learned from them, and how we seek to cultivate and draw out of their God-given potential! These lessons are intended for just that! 

This curriculum project is a collection of themes that God has put on our heart to unpack in such a way that would greatly benefit the City Life leader and student! City Life is a ministry that is holistic in nature, so we put a holistic suggestion emphasis on this project too for the first time. There are 9 themes, each with 3 large group lessons, and 3 small group lessons, as well as, a list of suggestions for each theme to help the leader think through how they can develop their ministry in a holistic way; helping with everything from the spiritual to the practical needs for our young people!

This year's curriculum themes are linked below for download are to be used in no particular order:

Click any theme to download the lessons. You can even click on the author's name to learn more about them. 

Communication - written by Stacy Morales

Community - written by Minta Buse

Health - written by Omar Morales

Hope & Healing - written by Jay Pearson

Identity - written by Jamie Kinnett

Justice - written by Omar Morales

Love - written by Omar Morales

Purpose - written by Jay Pearson

Kingdom Inspired Diversity - written by Omar Morales

* All Lessons Edited by Roxanne Rahn


Holistic Ministry Model 

City Life is unique in that it requires leaders to not just focus on contact work/appointments/building times and large/small group programs, on Knowledge Base it also requires that each month the leader include plans to cultivate awareness, education, and empowerment in the other following areas:

  • Spiritual and moral 
  • Education 
  • Basic Health and safety
  • Economic literacy
  • Social and civic


Appointments, Building Times, and Trips

Below are the links and definitions for these activities. They are required City Life RMA’s and can be intentionally planned to fit the program theme for the month. Ideas for how this can be done can come from the ‘Holistic Ministry Model’ in each monthly theme:


Building Time 


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