The YFC Core® core ministry model has likely been developing since Youth For Christ’s inception. Whether it be Rallies, Bible Clubs, Campus Life Student Leaders or DCLA, friends reaching friends for Christ is in our DNA. With a desire for “more workers” and equipping Christian students to reach their peers,  Student Led Ministry models grew inside and outside the YFC movement. YFC called together our representatives with this passion from across the country to intentionally seek the Lord on how YFC could concentrate recourses on serving these students. These models were refined to abiding, networking with local churches and having teams of students with adult coaches who together, actively love in a way that naturally invites friends to follow Christ with them.

  • 1944 - Youth for Christ begins
  • 1985 - Youth Congress (DCLA Super-Conference on Evangelism)
  • 1990’s - YFC Student Led Ministry models began popping up across the nation in the forms of Equal Access Clubs, Training Events and various encouragement teams like YFC Core and HomeFront Missions.
  • 1997 - 3Story® surfaces as a picture of an abiding ministry lifestyle
  • 2003 - YFC Student Led Ministry representatives meet for the first time
  • 2004 - YFC Student Led Ministry starts incubation process
  • 2005 - YFC Core becomes a core ministry of Youth For Christ

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