YFC Core® - National Leadership Team

In Transition - National Director

YFC USA is currently transitioning our National Director for YFC Core®. Below are the current National Leadership Team members. 


Mitch Janzen - San Miguel, Californiaheadshot

Mitch, husband and father of two super sweet girls, has been with Central Coast Youth For Christ for nearly 14 years in California. He has served on the YFC Core® National Leadership Team and 3Story® National Leadership Team since their inception.

What Drives you to do YFC Core® Ministry? I just love seeing the 3Story® relationships played out. I love coaching students through the experience. I desperately want Christians to taste what it's like to follow Jesus into the stories, the lives of friends and introduce Him.

Mitch’s email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Also find him on Facebook.


Lisa Wreesman - Atascadero, CA

Lisa began her journey with YFC Central Coast California in 2004.  She and her husband Ron were married in 1985, they have four fun kids (now adults), and Lisa is also loving being a grandma, ("Nanny"). 

What drives you to do YFC Core® Ministry?  I believe part of the reason I breathe is to see kids respond to the life-saving truth of the Gospel; then come alongside them to encourage them as they live out their faith in Jesus, watching as He compels them to share that same truth in love, with their friends.

Lisa's email is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Johanna Ralsten-Cox - Miami, FL 

Johanna, originally from rural Illinois, has been with Miami Youth For Christ for 5 years, first as a City Life Director and then as Ministries Director. Her husband, Justin, is a middle/high school English teacher. They love books, food, and people-watching.

What drives you to do YFC Core® Ministry?  In City Life ministry, there is no greater voice than that of someone who grew up in the neighborhood, sees you daily, and loves you with the love of Christ.  I knew there was no way I could do or be that person for every kid in block, but if I engaged my kids in that work, they could be God's voice, hands, and feet!  YFC Core® showed me how to do that.  Since then, I've been changed and humbled by how much the Holy Spirit does in and through my youth.

Johanna's email is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Brian Biedenbach - Fort Wayne, IN

Brian began his youth ministry career in 2000 and has served with Youth For Christ of Northern Indiana since 2011 as a Campus Life Director and Ministry Coordinator. He and his wife, Amy, are raising their three incredible kids, Haley, Jesse, and Asher in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What drives you to do YFC Core® Ministry?  My passion in ministry has always been to make disciples who make disciples. YFC Core® provides a simple and flexible framework to help facilitate that effort in any ministry context by helping kids become more attune to the work of Jesus in their own lives and helping them discover how the He might use them to influence their peers. 

Brian's email is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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