Authored by:  Coach, Carol Hassl

Our YFC Core team has been meeting since September of this year... we meet on Sunday afternoons for 1 hour but often go longer.  These teens are so fired up about what God has done in their own lives and are so eager to share with their friends! 

When we started, each person made a list of friends we wanted to pray for and have kept a notebook/journal to keep track of how God is answering our prayers.  Last week we saw an amazing move of God in the heart of one of the girls. We have been praying for months that this girl would surrender her heart and life to Jesus and last week at Youth Group, she did!  As she walked towards me I could see the tears flowing; the closer she got the faster they came.  When I took her into a quiet room, she said "I need God in my heart right now!"  As we prayed, she confessed her sin and asked Jesus to "Come in my heart and stay!"

Let me say, first of all, I will  never get tired of seeing God work in students hearts...but when He gets hold of a teen, it is the coolest thing!  She will now be joining us on Sunday afternoons and learning how to share her very own God story with others, and we will continue to pray and watch and expect more God stories each and every week!

YFC Core Coach, Carol Hassl

YFC Core Site Leader, Rebecca Paulson

Mesabi Range Youth For Christ

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