So today I was on my way to school when I randomly prayed, "LORD, put someone in my path today to love on. Use me for your ways, not my own."  I hardly ever pray like that but I decided to today.


So I was on my way to 7th period when I saw my friend "Annie" (not her real name if you didn't catch that!) and she looked super sad. My friend, Jackie went over to talk to her but she wouldn't talk. So I walked up and asked her what was wrong and she didn't want to talk, but she was so sad!


I felt God leading me through it and tell me, "Love her Allie. Give her a hug." So I hugged her and she just cried in my arms for a second. We got up outside our class and I just had my arm around her when I heard God speak again, "Pray for her."


Now I'm not like some Christians, and I don't like to just pray out loud where I'm standing but I trusted God with it (holy experiment!) and just asked, "Can I pray for you?" she said yes. Then I clarified, "Would you feel uncomfortable if I did it right now?" and she said no. And then I prayed for her!


So very long story short, I decided to just stick with God and it was crazy! I felt so comfortable praying right there, in front of half  of my nonChristian class and I really felt God speak to and through me. It was amazing!


Authored by a student, Allie, from the Central Coast of California.

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