Let me introduce you to Brittany.  I first met Brittany when she was a sophomore in High School when she was being mentored by a YFC volunteer.  Her mother had recently passed away because of a drug overdose and her father had recently gotten out of jail.  She was living with her grandmother at the time.  Brittany was a bright young lady who faced a lot of difficulties in her short lifetime.  Her counselor requested we send a mentor because she didn’t want to lose her after the death of her mother.  I didn’t get to see Brittany very often, but I would get updates from her mentor.  Her mentor found out that Brittany was already a follower of Christ, but not actively attending a local church.  Her mentor was able to help her plug into a local church and connect to other students following Jesus.  Throughout the next two years, I saw Brittany become a young woman who leads by her godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement. 

As I look back on Brittany’s story, I have realized that YFC could have easily disregarded Brittany because she was already a follower of Jesus.  But, would that have fulfilled the mission of YFC?  I don’t think so!  We are to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus.  Brittany wasn’t a lifelong follower when we met her – she was nominal at best.  Thankfully, we did not look over Brittany and because of that we have been able to watch life transformation happen in her life!  We have also seen YFC’s mission statement being fulfilled in her life! 

A challenge for you:  Do you have students like Brittany in your ministry?  These are students who might be overlooked because they are already followers of Jesus, but are not quite fulfilling the mission statement yet.  I would encourage you to seek them out!  They make great YFC Core team members, but also complete the YFC Mission.

By: Kate Huff, Mason-Dixon YFC


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