Anjali attends YFC Core® at her high school.  She is energetic and very animated.  One day as we were producing a video for the school announcements she was cracking jokes and pretending it was the “Anjali” show.  But whenever the camera would begin to roll she would become quiet and reserved.


One day Mrs. Smith asked her, “Anjali you're a Muslim right?” Anjali responded, “Yes”.  “Why do you come to YFC Core®” asked Mrs. S.  “I am a Muslim but I want to learn about what other religions believe also” was Anjali’s response.


Anjali wears a YFC Core® tee shirt regularly.  The shirt has her schools theme Bible verse for YFC Core® printed right on the front of the shirt.  Students on Anjali’s YFC Core® Team are praying for God to reveal the truth about Himself and about His Son Jesus to Anjali that she might become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  Please join them in this prayer. 


By Dirk Case, Eastern Michigan Youth for Christ

Dirk Case

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