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Getting to the Core

02/12/2014 – By: Kevin Bussema, National YFC Core Director Kids contributing to the movement of Youth for Christ has long been a topic of conversation.  In the past, this has looked a variety of ways, from kids...

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Experience > Explanation

10/03/2013 – Share Pray Discover I’ve been explaining YFC Core for years and years to youth pastors. This year I invited them to try doing YFC Core for one month with me. Nine of them said yes. Three of them...

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Evangelism Baggage

09/19/2013 – Let me offer you a challenge: ask a group of Christian students if they want to evangelize their friends.  These are friends they go to school with, play soccer with, and interact with every day in...

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New To An Area?

08/22/2013 – In the past, I have had opportunities to move into new areas in which I knew very few people. Once, I ended up knowing absolutely no one in my town.  Literally.  The YFC chapter I moved to work for...

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Holy Huddles Prohibit Relationships

03/07/2013 – Have you ever seen the movie “Easy A” with Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes?  If you have not watched it – you may want to rent it.  They do a great job of depicting, in a funny way, the holy huddle. ...

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