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As I desperately and diligently looked for the clues left by the elk I was tracking, I continued to learn what God was teaching me about following Him.  I was learning to cling to the clues left for me as though nothing else mattered.  I learned it was this type of meticulousness that kept me on the correct trail, and when applied to following God, I would make great strides toward DISCOVERING His will for my life.

As I stood there realizing the trail seemed to be getting less and less obvious, I became more and more frustrated.  Every step was getting tougher to tell where I was supposed to go until pretty soon I felt completely lost.  This describes both my elk tracking as well as my journey with God at times.  I seem to get off the trail and find myself to be lost—lacking direction.

I realized I had made a mistake somewhere along the line.  I didn’t know where but I was sure the mistake happened.  So I had to back track until I found the last place I was sure I had seen unmistakable evidence of the elk I had shot.  Back at this place I would look around until I figured out the correct direction I should have taken the first time to keep me on the trail.  Each time I would find the mistake and be off to track my elk for another couple hours.

I need to do that with God sometimes as well.  When I find myself lost, I begin to back track until I find the last spot I was sure I was doing God’s will in my life.  I then begin to look around for what I was supposed to do from that point but didn’t do the first time.  Often I find there was something I remember feeling like God was asking me to do at this crossroad but I failed to do it for one reason or another. I then take the corrective step and follow through with this previously missed step and find myself back on the trail toward God’s will in my life.

If you missed the first two parts of this series, click here for part 1, here for part 2

By: Jeff Neel, Director of The Farm, Greeley, CO

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