I heard this in a fresh way the other day. It was at a memorial service for a man of God. Roy Smith, ordinary by fleshly standards, but made a pretty big splash in this world for the Kingdom of God. He gave his life to international missions, mainly church planting. He encouraged and resourced person after person and church after church to be involved. Many of those people saw themselves as insufficient for the task. Roy didn’t give up. One of the men at Roy’s service described Roy’s way of living and what he encouraged others with saying, “Don’t look at your own deficiencies, look at Jesus’ sufficiencies.”

I definitely needed to hear that. I know students need to hear that. When we Share/Pray/Discover (SPD), that’s exactly what we’re asking students to concentrate on, His sufficiencies. Let that be a reminder to us and an encouragement to YFC Core Teams.

By: Mitch Janzen, Director of Home Front Missions, Central Coast YFC

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