As I sat with my crosshairs on the elk, I was thanking God for putting me in the right place to shoot my elk for the year. My family and I love the meat plus it is very rewarding to get meat this way instead of walking down the aisle at the grocery store.  As I pulled the trigger I think I may have salivated thinking about the smoked steaks I would get to have over the year.  Little did I know about the incredible feast God had planned for me in the form of spiritual food.

She kicked as I shot and I knew I had hit her.  I cocked my gun for a second shot just in case and my gun jammed.  I was frantic as I needed to keep an eye on her yet get my gun ready in case I needed a follow up.  I got my gun together in less then a minute and looked up.  Three elk stood on the hillside and I didn’t know which one was the one I had shot.  I couldn’t take another shot till I was sure and by this time it was evident I was going to need another shot.  After a short bit of her and I strategically maneuvering against each other—she won with a saunter over the hill.  As a hunter you never want to see your animal be able to take off like that after a shot—and I knew I was in for a long day of tracking.

As I tracked her trail, I grew more in tuned to every clue she was leaving.  Something as small as a BB on the side of a mountain would give me great joy as I knew I was still on the right path.  I became more aware of how desperate I was to find these clues each and every step I took.  All else in the world faded away and only her trail meant anything to me at this point.

It was during this track when I realized this is how I should be looking to follow God in my life.  We ask the kids to DISCOVER what God wants them to do in the lives of their lost friends—but do I emphasize looking for God with this kind of ferociousness? Do I tell the kids to figure out what clues God leaves for them and to then furiously and unrelentingly look for these clues to follow God into what He is doing in their friends’ lives?  Staying on the trail God leaves for us will assuredly lead us into His will.

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By: Jeff Neel, Director of The Farm, Greeley, CO

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