In October the harvest season is in full swing for many communities across the US. Everywhere you look when you are outside the city limits you will see people with big trucks and tractors working tirelessly throughout the day and into the late hours of the evening to gather in the harvest of crops that they have so diligently worked to grow throughout the year.

The words from Acts 2:46-47 are descriptive of what the Lord desires to do through his church in every community and all over the world. Notice that the text says, "The Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved"!!!

Imagine with me for a moment what it means to have the Lord add people daily to the church who are being saved...

How would this impact the culture of your YFC Core ministry today?

How would this impact the culture of the cities, counties, states & nations we live in?

What will it take for us to experience this in our context?

How many teens could your YFC Core team be in Christ sharing relationships with?

Let's pray. Let's invest. Let's go join the harvest!!

By: Joe Marino, Executive Director, Platte Valley YFC

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