Have you ever seen the movie “Easy A” with Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes?  If you have not watched it – you may want to rent it.  They do a great job of depicting, in a funny way, the holy huddle.  What is a holy huddle?  While there isn’t a text book definition for this type of group, this clip from the movie will help you understand what I am talking about.

While this clip may lean toward the extreme in the name of humor, it makes a clear point. The “holy huddle” is a small gathering of Christians focused on their internal needs and the external failures of those outside the group.  Many of these groups start with good intentions, studying Scripture and praying together, but it results in these students separating themselves from those outside of the group, and it can become dangerous. The issue might just be an unhealthy self-focus or it may become as toxic as a gossip circle, engaged in negative speak about others.  Whether you are aware of these groups or not, they are becoming a problem.  As we work to mobilize students to influence their peers towards Christ, these groups stand in total opposition and can prohibit the development of authentic Christ-sharing relationships.

Are you aware of a holy huddle at your local school campus?  Get involved.  Often times these groups want help, want to be developed and want to maximize the potential impact of their existing daily relationships with students who do not know Christ.

The National YFC Core team has developed a resource kit to help transform these groups into healthy gatherings of students who honor their friendships and influence their friends towards Christ.  Click here to view the Bible Club Transformation Kit as well as check out these online training videos for practical tips on how to begin transforming Bible clubs!

By: Kevin Bussema, National YFC Core Director



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