What’s that term? Moral Therapeutic Deism? What a mouth full, but it hits the nail on the head in my world. It’s how I grew up. It’s what I see in Christian students today. We use the Bible as a self-help book trying to fix ourselves in the name of God. It’s a confusing life. Christianity is about not sinning to us. We’re lost and we don’t know it. It’s very religious, but we don’t know that because we religiously say, “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.” And we think we gotta fix our stuff before we do ministry. We think others have to fix their stuff before they minister.

Problem is, we misunderstand repentance. We focus on not doing bad things. It’s Sin Management. But repentance is more about following Jesus than managing my sin life. Didn’t we die to that anyway? We stand there trying to train a dead dog to do tricks. It can’t be done.

On the other hand, try turning toward Jesus and see if you can sin while looking at and following Jesus. Following Jesus and sinning can’t be done at the same time. And the only way to not sin is to follow Jesus.

When we tell people to fix their stuff before they minister we’re essentially and effectively keeping them from following Jesus.

Often people will tell us that a certain person isn’t ready for ministry because of issues or immature faith, so we shouldn’t invite them to try YFC Core. I believe YFC Core is exactly what they need. It’s inviting them into the simplest ways of following Jesus and that’s repentance.

By: Mitch Janzen, Director of Home Front Missions, Central Coast YFC


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