In the past, I have had opportunities to move into new areas in which I knew very few people. Once, I ended up knowing absolutely no one in my town.  Literally.  The YFC chapter I moved to work for was in another town about 45 minutes away and, for various reasons, I chose to move into the bigger town nearby.  One reason I chose to live in the other town was to begin building ministry in that area.

A question that I struggled with was, “How can we start a YFC Core ministry in an area where I do not know students?” The reality is that you could ask that question for any type of ministry, not just YFC Core!  Have you ever asked that question or something similar?  If so, I would love to hear how you answered that question!   I do not think I have the answer, but I have an idea of what helped me...

Upon moving into the new area, I prayed to meet people of peace.  A person of peace could look like a lot of things, but some characteristics include being well respected, well connected, and willing to help others.  It usually helps if the person of peace knows a little about the community as well!  As I prayed for people of peace, I also prayed that God would allow me to become sensitive to them as He brought them into my life.   Gradually, I began meeting these people. 

Upon meeting these people of peace it became easy to start asking questions about the community, describing a desire to see the community transformed, and inquiring of the people who might be willing to help!  Usually, those people of peace gladly introduced me to other people who were able to help introduce me to students! It might not have happened as quickly as I wanted it to happen, but I ended up meeting more than I could ever imagine! 

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to meet people of peace in all of the new places I have lived and I have always been amazed at what God has done through those meetings!

If you have any other ideas, feel free to send them my way ([email protected])! I would love to hear what you have done and what helps you!

By: Kate Huff, National YFC Core Leadership Team Member

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