Someone once explained to me that you can fit quite a few ping pong balls in a large gallon size Mayonnaise container along with a few marbles, some BB's, some sand and finally you can fit some water in the container as well. This is a picture that often sadly illustrates our spiritual lives. We fail to keep the main thing the main thing. We who were once so captured by the beauty of Jesus and the message of the gospel at some point get distracted by a host of other things...worries, trials, temptations, work.

Paul says in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 that he "delivered...of first importance what I also received" reminding us that what he believes to be the main thing is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that not only saved us & that we continue to stand in but that this Gospel should also be continuing to save us...if we continue to keep this Gospel the main thing.

Is the Gospel affecting my life right now? How is Jesus still actively rescuing me? Do I approach the Lord with an already arrived at perfection attitude? Does the Gospel that I preach to others also get preached to me? Am I responding to the Gospel daily as I hope others in my care will? Do I look to people for what only Jesus can give me? Do I rest in Christ's opinion about me or do I work to change others’ opinions about me? Is my identity shaped by my continued understanding of my position in Christ as a sinner saved by grace? Or am I always trying to manufacture & build a false profile of myself that other people will like?

Here's the deal...the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the main thing and I need to keep it that way by remembering that I am in desperate need of the Lord's grace each and every moment and without it I would be left to my own vices which would lead to death.

Imagine how a daily application of the Gospel to your life could affect the levels of humility, humbleness, brokenness, grace, forgiveness, etc. in your YFC Core ministry.

Praying that the Spirit of the Lord would continue to draw you to the presence of the Savior you need so much, that Jesus would be your only obsession and that your ministry would be characterized by keeping the Gospel of Christ the main thing.

By: Joe Marino, Executive Director, Platte Valley YFC

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