I had found a nice blood trail across a large snow covered area making it very easy to track my elk. I had tracked her over rocks and dirt and vegetation, which made it very difficult to stay on the correct path. My mind was becoming the most tired part of my body since concentrating was the best effort I could put toward staying on her trail. I was beginning to feel as though I needed a mental reprieve in order to continue my quest toward a successful hunt.  This snow-covered area was that much needed reprieve my mind demanded.

As I hiked through the field with great assurance I was on the elk’s trail, I began to simply enjoy the hike. My mind was able to relax and appreciate being outdoors in a beautiful mountain setting. 

This relaxed state of mind is the same sense I get when I know I’m doing exactly what God desires for me to do. So much of life with God is spent asking and listening and concentrating on what God desires for you to do.  Those moments when you know you are doing exactly what God desires for you to do are wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating hikes with God. You experience the journey in a way that allows your spirit to refresh and prepare for the next part when the concentration needs to come back. It is these times when you get to reflect on how amazing the journey is that God has you on.  It is these times when you are assured God is taking you somewhere wonderful.

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By: Jeff Neel, Director of The Farm, Greeley, CO

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