New believers influence peers in the midst of their journey.

Question: Is a student who is a new believer with a messy story ready to share their faith with their friends?  Yes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a youth pastor or youth leader answer this question with “no they are not ready and they need to be discipled.” Yes, I agree, new followers of Jesus (ha, all followers) need discipleship, and yes, they are still working through their sin issues, but aren’t we then teaching students that they can only share their faith once they have it all together? 

The truth is, none of us will ever have it all together this side of heaven. If we wait to share our faith until we have our act together no one will know the truth of the gospel.  Here’s an interesting fact: Statistically, within 3-5 years of becoming a new Christian, believers will no longer have significant relationships with any non-Christian peers.  Scary.

Students who are new believers journeying through their mess are in prime position to share their new hope in Christ with their peers.  These students have instant credibility, instant trust, and the ability to be heard in more significant ways than any youth volunteer or professional ever could.  We need to help these passionate, excited students channel their enthusiasm in a way that can truly impact the lives around them. We don’t want new Christians becoming bullhorn guy because they can’t contain their newfound passion.  We must be wise as we develop new Christians but let us also be cautious of holding them back, for the Lord can use them, and will use them, from day one in their new journey of faith.

By: Kevin Bussema, National YFC Core

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