By Jessica Belwood

"When the LORD saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, "Moses! Moses!" And Moses said, "Here I am." God said, "Do not come any closer. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground." Then he said, "I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob." At this, Moses hid his face, because he was afraid to look at God." (Exodus 3:4-6)

It has been long since I've heard His voice. I had begun to tremendously miss hearing Him, since I loved how whenever He speaks, I learn new insights of His heart that just pierces me. He showed up again while I was at Indiana, and taught me something new that I've missed for a long time.
"Take off your sandals, for you are on holy ground."  

That thought came up in my head. I was at YFC Summer Institute in Huntington University in Indiana. I had just been listening intently to the lecturer during a workshop, and was interrupted momentarily by that thought. Thrown off, I thought it was just a random memory that was linked to the topic of the workshop, which was about holiness, and brushed it away.
The thought kept on popping up few times for the next hour. I began to wonder what it meant, and asked Him. What does it mean to take off my sandals? Why do I have to do that? I waited intently for His response.
After the workshop, we had a core group breakout meeting. I met with other fellow Deaf Teen Quest leaders. Bob started the meeting with silence, since we were still reeling from the powerful and heart-moving message about God's holiness. Bob began to write on the white board.

As I waited, I pondered about God's holiness: What does it mean? What is "holy"? What's so special about His holiness? Attending church ever since I was in my mother's womb, I still didn't understand what "holy" really meant. Divine? Sacred? What IS divine, sacred, holy?
Bob wrote few words at a time, considering each word. Soon, the white board was filled with the lesson, and the lesson was obvious on the board. On the top of the board, the word "sin" was equated with the terms: brokenness, disconnect, separation, barrier. On the opposite side of the board, the word "holy" was equated with the terms: complete, oneness, unbroken.
We humans are desperately broken. We're constantly hurting others, being selfish, and so on. Clearly, we need to be fixed. We go off, searching for ways to fix ourselves-to glue the pieces of our shattered human nature together. But only the complete being has the ability to fix the broken being; only something more complete and greater than us can fix us.
God wanted me to take off my sandals, because He wanted contact with me. He wanted us, broken humans, to experience His wholeness and unity. He wanted to complete us. He wants to touch us. I finally understood what it meant: "Take off your sandals, for you are on holy ground."

It showed me another aspect of His beautiful heart. He longs to complete us; to touch our broken hearts and make them whole again. Praise God that we serve someone like Him. AMEN


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