By Dr. Rick McClain

"If you use your mouth to say, "Jesus is Lord," and if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. We believe with our hearts, and so we are made right with God. And we use our mouths to say that we believe, and so we are saved (Rom 10:9 - 10)."

"... the Scriptures showed that the whole world is bound by sin. This was so the promise would be given through faith to people who believe in Jesus Christ (Gal 3:22)."

Approaching Resurrection Sunday, I am amazed at reading the stories in Scripture of the Passion Week and reflecting on how the disciples just didn't get it. For three years, Jesus taught them the Keys to understanding the Kingdom. For three years, he personified Grace, Love and Holiness before them. He personified Grace to those who were sick and in need, and He personified Grace to those who were persecuting Him. He personified Love to the unlovely, and the unloved. He personified Holiness to all choosing instead to do right when he had the right to do otherwise. In every circumstance, His purpose was to Glorify the Father.

But the disciples didn't get it. The religious leaders didn't get it either. They were blinded by their own ignorance, and their own passions. Dare I ask the question, "What is blinding us from seeing the truth?"

The Resurrection event "turned the light on" for these folks. Their eyes took time to adjust from walking in blindness to being in the light (remember Thomas?), but they got the message. The message received was so strong that Peter could not grasp it. He wanted to revert to fishing, something he was comfortable with in order to reflect.  

Yet, when he saw Jesus on the shore, he reacted quickly. The message was so strong that the religious leaders of the day began to fabricate lies and falsehood to discredit the resurrection. These are the same two responses we see today. Some will come under such conviction that they will walk to the light with such enthusiasm - even bordering impetuousness. Others will see in the light and discover such revulsion that they fight hard to overcome the truth - to no avail. Dare I ask the question, "What does the truth do for me?"

The Resurrection must be a turning point for us. This event causes us to review everything that happened in the past in order to see that validity of the present. The resurrection gives us strength to see the future and opens all of the options that are available for us.  

As Scripture teaches, the Law bound us to sin. The death of Christ completely demolished the stronghold that sin had upon us, and the resurrection of Christ allows us to see that we have been freed, if only we would believe.  

When I read of the resurrection of Lazarus and compare it with the resurrection of Jesus, I am amazed at the reason the tombs were opened. Lazarus' tomb was opened so that he may come out. Jesus' tomb was opened so that we may go in and see that we have been made free from the law of sin and death. Now that we have that realization, now that we have that power available to us - dare I ask the question, "What is stopping us from walking in that power?"

You see, the only thing that is blinding us, that is stopping the truth from being so life-changing, that is stopping us from living in the power of the Spirit - the same Spirit that gives Jesus live from the grave is found in one word, "Believe."

We don't have to tell people what we believe because they can see it. Sometimes we do our beliefs injustice when we open our mouths. John saw what Peter believed when he saw him jump from the boat and run to the shoreline. The disciples saw what Thomas believed when he fell to his knees. And the people of Jerusalem saw what Peter believed when they saw him affirming Christ when 50 days before he was denying Christ. Dare I ask the question, "What do your teens see you believe?"

When you live before your teens, you're telling them what you believe. Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?

May this Resurrection Season bring you closer to the Cross, take you to your knees in repentance, and raise you to a new and dynamic living experience that shocks even your friends and those who are following you from behind. Dare I ask you ... "What can Jesus do for you, today? He's alive for that very purpose!"

Comments: Rick McClain

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