"Without a vision the people lose restraint; but happy is the one who follows instruction." Proverbs 29:18 (NAB) 

There are a couple of towns within an hour of Louisville where Kathy and I love to "get-away" for personal retreats.

The communities share many similarities but some stark differences. They are comparable on several fronts: both are river towns, county seats, accessible to transportation, both face similar economic and social challenges. But one has vibrancy and the other shows serious decline. One is growing and active while the other reflects a past that seems brighter than its future.

What do I believe is the primary difference between these two towns? Vision. "Where there is no vision, the people perish..." as the KJV translates the first part of this text.

The opposite is also true: "Where there is a 'God-given' vision, the people will prosper."

Is this the fundamental difference between towns, organizations, even individuals who either thrive or decline, or even perish? Is there a lesson to be learned from this tale of two towns?

This seems clear. Abraham showed it, Moses led it, David defended it, Nehemiah rebuilt it, Jesus incarnated it... God's vision and our response.

Here is the good news about YFC Deaf Teen Quest: God has a clear vision for this ministry and we are working diligently (and joyfully) to embrace it.

It is God's Vision and it is more than our minds can comprehend. What an exciting time it is for reaching deaf and hard of hearing young people!

Youth for Christ is faithful to God's vision for reaching new generations. YFC Deaf Teen Quest has a unique calling to reach Deaf teenagers within the family of  YFC/USA; full of vision and evidenced in transformed lives. What honor it is to journey together as a mission led by God into a new and challenging era!

Following God's vision is risky but being too afraid to follow is much more dangerous. He leads; we follow. Which town will you be? The journey is great when we respond to those words of Jesus, "Come, follow me."

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