"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 

Before the days of GPS and the Internet, a salesman set out on a trip for an appointment with a shoe store several counties away. He had never been to that particular town. He set off on his journey and drove for hours over two-lane roads in search of this store. The signs on the highway were not helpful at all. At last, he determined that he was, in fact, utterly lost.

Fortunately, he noticed a farmer standing out beside the road. He pulled over to ask for directions. The man knew the town and even the store but told the salesman that he was nowhere near his destination. Exasperated the salesman asked, "Can you give me directions?"

A piece of hay hanging from his mouth, the farmer pondered and looked down the highway to the left. Then he studied the opposite direction. His face showed puzzlement. Still not saying anything, he looked over his shoulder and then back at the traveler.

"Well..." he spoke slowly, "you just can't get THERE from HERE."

Is this how we approach life? Do we behave as though we cannot accomplish something because it is difficult, or takes too long? The reality is you CAN get anywhere from here; so long as God is leading and you are following. 

Misery is worrying about that which you have no control over. Foolishness is ignoring the things that you do. Hope is a result of a series of decisions - sometimes really difficult ones - that bring you in line with God's desire for goodness in your life. 

In fact, the best is yet to be! So far as I know, you can get to anywhere in the world from where you are right now, with enough time and effort.

The Lord has plans for you that provide a future and hope. Don't quit on Him. In fact, the best IS yet to be! The farmer may be out standing in his field but his advice was not at all helpful. The reality is much brighter than his perception of the situation. 

Is the journey long? Yes. Is it frustrating to get on the wrong road? Of course. But can we get there from here? Absolutely.

Soon we will welcome in another year, 2012. God already has 2012 completely in mind and we get to follow Him into it! We CAN get there from here. The best is yet to come. Have a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. Rest and enjoy. Shalom.

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