Give life to your story.

Jesus spoke several times about living in us and through us for others. Paul emphasizes this mystery in several places including Romans 8:9, "the Spirit of God dwells in you" and Galatians 2:20 "no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." In Colossians, Paul identifies this as a "mystery" that presents us complete in Christ. The same One who sends us, goes with us.

This paradox is seen throughout the Bible with stories of ordinary people serving an extraordinary God. We are broken, imperfect vessels. In the New Testament, the Sermon on the Mount presents a standard that is difficult to obtain and impossible to maintain.

Yet, on a personal level, how do we handle this mantle of responsibility placed on us by the Lord? Jesus compels us to be salt and light in a world that has little of either.

Fulfilling our calling and abiding in Christ are inseparable. Embracing this mystery allows us to place our confidence squarely where it should be: in Christ. We are simply children of the Most High God who are honest about what we've seen, experienced and are learning. The yoke becomes easier and the burden is now lighter. Emmanuel, God with us. Grace and truth found fully in the person of Jesus Christ. In our weakness, God’s strength is manifest.

The mystery is this... Christ in us, the hope of glory. When God's story dwells within ours, we become reflections of Jesus’ grace and truth. We cannot be "good enough" to carry the responsibility of the gospel yet the same One who breathed his Spirit into the apostles also breathed life into us.

Jesus is all that we need. Without him, our efforts are in vain. With him, amazing things happen, right before our eyes. We carry within us the precious oil of healing for the world. We prepare the way of the Lord.

Hope given. Relationships healed. Prodigals welcomed. Meaning discovered. Lives transformed. Eternity confirmed.

Give life to your story. Give life to their story.

The mystery of Christ in us for mission.

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