History of Youth For Christ's Juvenile Justice Ministry

Before we move forward as a ministry it is important to know our past. The JJM ministry has had a significant role in the history of YFC. Even in our earliest days, there was a focus on reaching “high risk” youth.

The JJM ministry has a long history in YFC, but we weren’t always known as “Juvenile Justice Ministry”. From Lifeline, to Youth Guidance to JJM follow our timeline and our name changes in the short timeline below.

  • 1944 Youth for Christ Begins
  • 1948 Saturday Night Youth Rallies Begin
  • 1958 Bible Clubs Begin
  • 1963 Lifeline Summer Camps Begin
  • 1965 Lifeline Ministries Begin Year-round
  • 1966 Michigan Teen Ranch Begins
  • 1968 Group Home Ministries Begin
  • 1972 First Youth Guidance Operations Manual
  • 1975 Wilderness Trips Begin
  • 2007 Youth Guidance Name Change to Juvenile Justice Ministries (JJM)

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