National Leadership Team


Gareth Unruh - Operations Specialist


My name is Gareth Unruh, my wife Jen and I have known each other since the age of 14 and have been married since 1999! We have three sons, Jake, Lawson, and Eli. I started as a traditional youth pastor since college and have been with Denver Area YFC since 2005.

I'm working with Denver Area Youth for Christ part-time as the Ministry Director overseeing our 3 ministry models and part-time serving the field of Juvenile Justice Ministry staff around the country, resourcing and encouraging our staff working with young people in the system.

I enjoy empowering our ministry leaders to work with our population of youth, backpacking with my sons, and watching Redbox movies with my wife.

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Nathan Kroll - Hickman, NE

My name is Nathan Kroll. I've been with YFC since the beginning of time and have worked in every position possible. I am the Director of Ministry Development and a Fund-raising Coordinator. I also serve our staff, pastoring and leading them through life. Most often, I am referred to as “Nathan the Great” or “Grampus Life.” My ministry career started at Norris High School, and I still keep in contact with the students I had then.

I am also a part-time pastor at Christ's Place Church. My wife, Sandi, and I have amazing hearts for ministry and love working with people.

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CJ Fisher - Peoria, IL

Hi! I'm CJ Fisher and I'm blessed to be married to my beautiful wife Sarah. God has blessed Sarah and I with a beautiful daughter and a handsome boy.  I have been with Peoria Youth For Christ as a Juvenile Justice Ministry Director since November 2010. I also serve as our Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center Chaplain. JJM Peoria reaches students in Juvenile Detention as well as residential treatment. We hope to expand JJM to other juvenile facilitates within the area.

In my free time, I enjoy magic tricks and cardistry, playing games (board and video), watching movies, golf, baseball, outdoor activities, and relaxing with close friends.

Email CJ at [email protected]



Chad Fincham - Eldora, IA


My name is Chad Fincham. I have been the Juvenile Justice Ministry Director at North Iowa Youth for Christ since 2013. My primary role has been to serve as the Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator of the State Training School for Boys in Eldora, Iowa. As young men at this long-term facility have been introduced to the life-changing message of Jesus and begun developing a way of living taught by Him, the need for support in their transition back to the community has become clear. My role is now shifting into supporting the youth as they leave the facility.

I have been married to my wife Rachel since 2012. We have two sons and another child on the way! I enjoy playing basketball, cheering on Kansas City and Kansas State University sports teams, eating basically anything, roasting coffee, and hanging out with my wife and young people.

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Chelsie Coleman - Jacksonville, FL

My name is Chelsie Coleman and I have been with YFC since 2009! I started as a JJM site director in Polk County, FL where I served at a girls’ residential facility and in aftercare neighborhood groups. Most recently, I have transitioned into the role of Juvenile Justice Ministry Director at the new YFC Jacksonville affiliate. My vision for Jacksonville is to create a trauma-informed continuity of care with the juvenile justice system focused on prevention, intervention, and aftercare.

I am passionate about taking a holistic approach to ministry! I have worked in juvenile correctional settings as a mental health counselor and fully believe in being equipped to meet the emotional needs of young people in crisis for the purpose of pointing them back to Jesus! I am also passionate about empowering teams of people to reach youth in systems everywhere and have enjoyed unique opportunities to train community partners, as well as teach undergraduate juvenile delinquency courses.

In my free time, you can catch me watching Star Wars, playing with my puppy (Hermione), or exploring the local restaurant scene.

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Deann Cleveland - Missoula, MT

Hi! I’m Deann Cleveland and have worked with Youth for Christ since 2014 when God started me on a completely different course than I expected! I was born and raised in Mississippi and was then working full time as a physical therapist when God provided an unforeseen opportunity to move to Montana to work with YFC. I was originally hired to work with Campus Life for only one year, yet quickly after moving, practically begged to re-launch JJM in Missoula as God was clearly drawing my heart there. I had no prior experience with YFC or JJM but had been a part of a variety of inner-city ministries serving kids from hard places throughout college, grad school and beyond. I’ve learned so much from the kids and team members I get to work with! One of my all-time favorite places to be is hanging out with teens in our detention center, rivaled only by getting to continue being a part of their story once they’re released.

In addition to being Missoula’s JJM Director, I work part-time as a physical therapist, and the practice I work for is conveniently located next door to our detention facility! When I’m not at work, I enjoy being a part of the worship team at church, playing church softball, kayaking, pretending to be an athlete at OrangeTheory Fitness, traveling, visiting Mississippi as often as I can, and trying to adapt to Montana winters.

Email Deann at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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