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Why Would I?

10/19/2016 – Why Would I?     Claire Froehlich Denver Area Youth For Christ “The poor live with less padding between them and the raw forces of life. The mystery of existence is always showing through the...

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Why I’ve spent the last 29 years in Lock-up

09/01/2016 – Why I’ve spent the last 29 years in Lock-up.  Bill Smith, Kalamazoo YFC You might ask, “Wow Bill you must have done something really bad to get 29 years.  What did you do?” Actually I did...

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Who Would Do This???

08/01/2016 – Who Would Do This??? Jen Berg Mid-Valley Youth For Christ   Who wants to hang out at the local juvenile detention center? I DO! Why? 1. It’s a privilege. We all have passions that Jesus gave...

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Why JJM in Alaska

07/01/2016 – Why JJM In Alaska Heather Dodge Alaska Youth For Christ Why do I work with teens incarcerated and beyond? Good question! If you had asked me a few weeks ago, the answer would have been a...

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Full Circle

05/01/2016 – Full Circle Matt Sweeney Rogue Valley Youth For Christ Just like any other afternoon sitting in my office, there was plenty to do and as usual I struggled with what to do next. That’s the way it...

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