Our Mission Field at JJM

Steve Telfer, Central Ohio Youth For Christ

Our mission field also includes all administration and staff at our ministry sites.  As staff members and volunteers with the ministry of Juvenile Justice, we realize that strong and positive relationships with officials and employees of the court system are essential to the overall health and effectiveness of our outreach.  But these individuals also need to know the love and hope of salvation in Christ. We have the honor to not only bring the most important message in our work to hurting and broken teens, but to them as well.

One of the juvenile detention officers at the ministry site where I serve has now come to faith in Christ.  He is “on fire” for his Savior and Lord.  The ripple effect inside the detention center has been awesome!  So many within the “system” have witnessed his life change – it is undeniable and testifies to the power of Christ.
My relationship with Sgt. “Mickey” Reid has spanned nearly 9 years.  We have had countless conversations, mostly small talk about life in general and, though he respected my role and service as chaplain, he did not give much credence to it.  During this time period, there was not much spiritual interest from him.  But I was able to intervene at a critical moment in his journey of life when he was in crisis and that meant a lot to him.  God was in the process of softening his heart. 

In December of 2013, he attended a Christmas Eve service at his mom’s church.  He was radically saved that night and ever since has been growing strong in his faith.  His witness to the residents and staff at the detention center has been amazing.  What a dynamic he brings as we reach these teens in a tough place!
The employees working at our ministry site may have to hear the gospel because it is their job to be present amongst the residents during our time of ministry.  Yet God’s word promises it will not return void (Isaiah 55:11).  You just never know the impact it will have on a person for eternity.  Maybe even a staff member who would not have heard the gospel otherwise.

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