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What is Youth For Christ or Campus Life and where can I learn more?
Campus Life is a core ministry within YFC. Campus Life is also the name that most students who participate would recognize. One branch of Campus Life is focused on military youth ministry. The ultimate mission of Campus Life is to: “mobilize Christian adults and teens so that every high school student experiences the kind of significant Christ-revealing relationship that helps them become a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ.” YFC Military brings energy and focus to this in military communities by, “establishing locally led, chapel-connected and school and community focused ministry.” We have separate ministries for middle school and high school-aged kids of American men and women serving in the Armed Forces. Our Campus Life Staff are trained and developed as vocational youth workers from across the U.S.A. and multiple denominations. We are often asked what does “chapel connected” mean? What makes Campus Life for military unique? We desire to have Campus life connected to military chaplains as part of their overall Command Religious Programming. You can also look for "Campus Life" under the "Ministries" link on the menu at the top of this page for more information.
Where is Campus Life Military located?
We currently have Campus Life located on or around military bases in the US and around the world. For specific locations click here. You can see a list of all YFC locations in the U.S. by clicking the "Join YFC" link on the menu at the top of this page.
Is Youth For Christ a religious denomination?
Campus Life is not a denomination and our staff and volunteers come from a variety of denominations.
I’m a military parent? Is Campus Life the right fit for my family?
We believe that Campus Life can be value added for parents. We know that parents are the most influential people in a student’s life. For that reason, it is our desire to come alongside parents and encourage their children to love God and to love people. When a YFC leader has “earned the right to be heard” and says the same thing a parent is saying, that is a win for everyone.
How is Campus Life different than a youth group?
First, Campus Life is not any one thing. Actually Campus Life encompasses several parts. So for students we “earn the right to be heard” by Going where they gather. Then we have large groups, small groups, student leadership, trips, and events. All of this is built on a solid group of adults who think faith is part of a balanced life. That means we involve volunteer leaders and an adult advisory committee. Why so many pieces? Well, Campus Life strives to make every student feel welcome. We are a relational ministry that raises up YFC leaders to be in authentic Christ sharing relationships with lost teens between the ages of 11 and 19.” We are more about the relationship than program. We would prefer a very diverse group of students that reflect the community we live in than a safe group of students where everyone knows the rules. Does this mean we ignore or discourage committed Christian students? No way. We celebrate and seek to connect students and churches/chapels as a priority. And we also have opportunities for committed Christian students to be involved in YFC Core. YFC Core is teams of students with adult coaches who together, follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them. Teams of students meet weekly with adult coaches to share, pray and discover how God is challenging them to take risks and invite their lost friends to discover Jesus with them.
I’m a military chaplain. Is Campus Life the right fit for my situation?
No stock answer here. First we need to know more about your situation. Please give our Military Director a call or send an inquiry and our Campus Life Military Director will respond within 24 hours.
How Can I be involved in Campus Life as an adult or student leader?
There are lots of ways you, as an adult or student can volunteer and be part of Campus Life. Click here to learn more.
How do I apply for a staff position or opportunity to serve in Campus Life?
Check out our Job Opportunities for a list of current listings and then visit our "Apply" page to learn more about the process.
What is Campus Life Military's position on Ecumenism?
Campus Life Military is ecumenically intentional as we seek a unified Christian Church through collaboration with other Christian organizations to reach every military kid, in every military community. Expressions of our ecumenism are: (Specific and measurable) a. Create collaborative relationships with Christian Chaplains, both Protestant and Catholic. b. Intentional commitment to involve a wide range of Protestant and Catholic ministry volunteers. c. Intentional commitment to support both Protestant and Catholic youth ministry through training and resources? d. To acknowledge the religious values of the students family in matters of spiritual formation.
How does Campus Life Military develop part-time and volunteer staff?
We ask all of our part-time and volunteer staff to complete certification in the YFC Blueprint Certification Journey. YFC certification is a two-year self-paced, world-class training opportunity you can do in your home or as a team! For additional information click here.
Does YFC have resources?
You bet we do. To get started click here, and in Category title "Groups" insert "Campus Life" or "Core" then insert the category topic you are looking to get information.
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