History of Youth For Christ Military

In the early 1940s, Billy Graham began his ministry by proclaiming the gospel at YFC Rallies. Rallies were large events where crowds of people would gather at places like Soldiers Field in Chicago, IL. Many people in the crowds were young servicemen and women returning from WWII.

From the mid-1940s through the mid-1950s, YFC grew rapidly and spun off several other organizations, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, World Vision International, Greater Europe Mission, Overseas Crusades, and Gospel Films.

Many former service members who attended the early YFC Rallies went back overseas with YFC to spread the gospel.

From the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s, YFC turned its focus to teenagers through Bible Clubs. In the 1970s, YFC refocused its energy on unchurched teenagers. Times changed, teens were different, and YFC focused on reaching and discipling teens with personal attention.

In 1980, Youth For Christ and Young Life formed a partnership called Club Beyond to reach overseas military teens. Club Beyond worked with military chaplains to provide a relational ministry to military families and their teens.  The partnership was a success and the Club Beyond ministry soon crossed the ocean and began the ministry to military teens stationed in the US. YFC staff ministered to military teens exclusively through Club Beyond from 1980 to 2016.

Today, Youth For Christ continues this vital ministry to military teens and their families through Campus Life Military clubs. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope, redemption and purpose to families who have proudly served a country in constant conflict for nearly two decades. Their lives are not easy and YFCM is privileged to collaborate with chaplains to support military families and bring life to their story.

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