Information for Chaplains

Chaplains have a unique perspective on ministry and often require different, or additional, information than parents of military students. This page offers a short explanation of Campus Life Military’s stance on topics important to chaplains. To request more information on Campus Life Military, or if you are interested in bringing the Campus Life program to your installation, click here.

Collaboration with the Chapel

All Campus Life Military staff support military teens. Because our programs have a spiritual component, we believe the best way to connect with military families is through collaboration with the installation’s chapel. 

The type and level of collaboration between Campus Life Military and the chapel is determined by the Installation Chaplain. For this reason, and because every military installation has unique needs, the type and level of collaboration varies from installation to installation. Collaboration on one installation might involve Campus Life Military staff running programs on the military installation, while collaboration at another installation may only involve regular communication regarding Campus Life Military programs run off the installation. The nature of the programs themselves is determined based on the need of military teens in that area and current priorities of the Installation Chaplain.


Campus Life Military understands the unique nature of military ministry and both respects and abides by the strict rules regarding proselytization of military members. In our long history, we have found a balance between helping military teens, living and demonstrating a Christian lifestyle and presenting Christ without making students feel pressured or uncomfortable. We help military teens, regardless of their faith, while remaining true to our own.


Campus Life Military is ecumenically intentional. We seek a unified Christian Church through collaboration with other Christian organizations to reach every military kid in every military community. Expressions of our ecumenism are specific and measurable:

a. Create collaborative relationships with Christian Chaplains and off-base leaders, both Catholic and Protestant

b. Intentional commitment to involve a wide range of Catholic and Protestant ministry volunteers

c. Intentional commitment to support both Catholic and Protestant youth ministry through training and resources

d. We acknowledge the religious values of students’ families in matters of spiritual formation


Gathering groups of students is important in military youth ministry. Campus Life Military activities often include small groups, large gatherings, overnight events and even multi-day events such as camps and service projects. To keep kids safe, we follow all standard YFC safety practices including background checks for leaders. In addition, with the guidance of the local installation chaplain, we ensure that our events meet all applicable military safety and force protection requirements.

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