Story courtesy Josiah Walcott

I don’t want to go and be around a bunch of Jesus freaks.” 

This mindset is one of the many challenges Club Beyond staff face serving in this unique ministry to military teens. One of our staff, Josiah, heard this all too familiar sentiment while talking to one of his regular attendees about how to convince her friend to come to YFC’s Club Beyond meeting.

Club Beyond staff learn not to take offense at being referred to as a Jesus freak. In fact, Josiah admits he’s a bit proud of it actually. But in Club Beyond, we try to reach out to students who have little to no religious beliefs.

As the only youth ministry program in Rota, staff have to try and find the balance between making the programing fun, welcoming and teaching things that are easy enough to understand for someone who has never been to church, but also deep enough that students who are strong Christians are able to grow in their relationship with God.  

The student who made that comment did end up coming with her friend to a Club Beyond meeting and absolutely loved it. She also said that she would be at every event she could make it to.  A lot can change in a short amount of time when God is in charge!

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