A shining star to our continually growing Club Beyond group of youth is a bright-eyed, sixth-grade girl named Chloe (name changed for privacy). Every time Chloe shows up, she runs to me and gives me a huge hug, smiling ear to ear, ready to share what she’s been doing lately. Chloe is another youth (among many) who chose to walk to Club every week. She’s a die-hard for the group and loves to participate in any game we provide throughout the night. It was on an evening when I noticed her overall posture and demeanor were different than any other time I’d experienced.  Chloe was more withdrawn and her mood wasn’t the best. I took a moment to ask her what was up and she replied, “Mr. Phil, my parents are getting a divorce and my dad tells me it’s all my fault.” Soon tears were flowing. She was broken from all the pressure on her shoulders with what her parents were going through, let alone her own feelings with all of this. In that moment I shared with her how our own parents will sometimes say things the wrong way, but they still want the best for us. I was able to share with her it was not her fault and that she is cared for and loved by God, even in this tumultuous time. Not too long after our dialogue with one another, I continued to check in with Chloe about the situation and show care to her. Some weeks she would be better and sometimes she’d be downtrodden. No matter the case, she still came to Club – the place where she knew she was being heard when nobody at home would listen.

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