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Articles from July 2012

Is it good to be outside?

07/30/2012 – I believe a lot of time the answers we need to get something done is close to us it is just too close for us to see. So journey with me and take a step back.  Not too far, you may fall, just close...

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A Father’s Sacrifice

07/23/2012 – Ten years of sustained conflict in places far from our home front make it easy for us to forget or at least compartmentalize the trauma our nation continues to endure.  However, there is a reality...

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Life of a Military Teen

07/16/2012 – “The taxi company overbooked and was an hour late picking us up for prom. And then it dropped us off halfway up the hill and we had to walk the rest of the way to the castle!” Prom at a castle?...

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Camp and Spritual Warfare

07/09/2012 – At a recent club, I sat listening as my co-worker told the story of getting ready for our spring break middle school Adventure Camp.  I was the camp director, and I left town several days before our...

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Headed To Camp

07/02/2012 – This year, we have the opportunity to take a group of high school and middle school students to their own camp. Through out the year, we have done contact work with new teenagers to the area, gone to...

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