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Articles from April 2013

Faith Adventure

04/29/2013 – Packing 17 middle school students into a small lodge in the Belgian forest for four days can be quite an experience!  Yes, we finished the week exhausted and are still trying to catch up on our rest,...

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I Don’t Know That I Want To Find Out More

04/22/2013 – I had a student in my group who has a personality that often puts her at odds with others. She and I bonded over the week of camp and she opened up to me more and more. We left camp with a great ...

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What Did You Do This Spring Break?

04/08/2013 – I was posed the question in the title this week from a friend that was looking for a new way to do ministry when there was down time during Spring Break. The question was laced with "give me ideas to...

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They Know They Matter

04/01/2013 – Why haven’t we played flag football yet!?!”  One sunny Sunday afternoon after playing soccer with our students, we heard this come from the majority of our girls who attended our study that day. This...

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