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Articles from July 2013

More Like Him

07/29/2013 – I have the immense privilege of leading a Jr. High Girls small group on Sunday afternoons. When I say this to adults, the reaction I get more often than not is, “Oh, I am so sorry. Bless your heart....

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Jesus: Like a Zombie?

07/15/2013 – From the field: I really enjoy zombie stories, but with a seeming increase in zombie sightings in the news and within popular culture, zombies have certainly piqued the interest of teenagers....

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Bananas & Mosquitos

07/01/2013 – “That was awesome! That was better than the rock climbing or the caving we did 2 years ago at Adventure Camp.” -High School Guy after Service Project 2012 “Did you know that if you eat a bunch of...

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