During an incredible discipleship conference my students were challenged to go deeper in their relationship with God. On Friday night, the speaker challenged them with this question, “Can God trust you to trust Him when it doesn't make sense, or can He only trust you to obey when it's easy?”

This conference came at the perfect time in my students’ lives. Living overseas, my students are able to go downtown and drink legally at age sixteen. While there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation and when it’s legal, the struggle becomes, how much is too much. At sixteen, they are trying to figure this out, with very few voices in their lives talking about healthy limits. They always say they don’t intend to get drunk but inevitably, one small choice leads to other small choices and going downtown means getting drunk. As their youth leader and mentor, it breaks my heart to watch them make choices like this, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue to speak truth into their lives and offer a different perspective from what anyone else in their lives is tell them.

At the conference, I saw my students wrestle through the decision of truly dedicating their lives to Christ. They were challenged that this is something that they can’t be half in on. If they truly love and follow Jesus, it will require them to change everything. The drive home from the conference on Friday was quiet in the van. I asked them what they were thinking and they said they were trying to figure some things out.

Saturday, we returned for an all-day session of conference. My students were challenged to be bold, share their faith, to persevere through tough times and to follow God with their whole hearts. As I drove them home on Saturday night, the van was buzzing with loud laughter and yelling worship songs at the top of their lungs. One of my students said that she was struggling with Friday’s message, but after Saturday she saw the big picture of what God was asking her to do as she follows him. She knows it’s an all-or-nothing commitment. She knows that she needs to give up her anxiousness, her worries, her doubts, her insecurities, all of it, to God. Please pray with me that this conference has a lasting impact in these student’s lives. Pray that it impacts the choices that they make and that they would impact the kingdom.

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