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Your Prayers Change Things

11/18/2013 – I had asked many of my ministry partners to pray for one student at camp. I took time to write an email telling each partner more about their camper. The slogan for YFCAMP is “where everything...

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I’ve Found Jesus

11/04/2013 – Henry is an eleventh grade boy that almost didn’t go to camp. He signed up only a few days before camp started. He got the ninth spot out of ten available. He’s been going to our weekly outreach...

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The 5 Essentials and Ministry: Widespread Prayer

09/10/2012 – The school year is officially in full swing and so is USAFA Club Beyond with college football games, club programming, small groups, student leadership, and volunteer training. As we step into this...

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The 5 Essentials and Ministry

09/03/2012 – One of the things I love about YFC is that we focus on our mission and how we are going to accomplish the mission that God has set before us.  It is by no means an easy to task to reach young people...

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