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I’ve Found Jesus

11/04/2013 – Henry is an eleventh grade boy that almost didn’t go to camp. He signed up only a few days before camp started. He got the ninth spot out of ten available. He’s been going to our weekly outreach...

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Going to the Mountain

09/16/2013 – At 9:00 pm on January 17, 50 students and leaders piled on a bus to travel through the night to Spring Canyon Camp in Colorado. These students came expecting to retreat from their daily life and have...

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Can I Really Like Middle Schoolers?

05/20/2013 – In October, a former leader sent me a paper she wrote for a college class (and gave me permission to share it) – about her first retreat as a middle school leader: Have you ever been around a...

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“I was starting to think Jesus was kinda whack!”

05/06/2013 –   “I read the Bible last night.”  He had the appearance of a typical “skater” – sweat-stained hoodie, Vans shoes, and a devil-may-care expression veiled by long, disheveled curls. Though like so...

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I Don’t Know That I Want To Find Out More

04/22/2013 – I had a student in my group who has a personality that often puts her at odds with others. She and I bonded over the week of camp and she opened up to me more and more. We left camp with a great ...

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