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Jesus Rose From the Dead

09/30/2013 – This past Saturday I scheduled a coffee date with one of my eighth-grade girls. This girl had asked lots of spiritual questions on our ski trip and had started reading her Bible! I was expectant that...

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Identity In An Ever-Changing World

09/02/2013 – Shortly after returning from speaking for the chapel community at Edwards Air Force Base in California (where I have had the sincere privilege of being asked to come and speak for several consecutive...

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Jesus: Like a Zombie?

07/15/2013 – From the field: I really enjoy zombie stories, but with a seeming increase in zombie sightings in the news and within popular culture, zombies have certainly piqued the interest of teenagers....

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Operation Xtreme

06/03/2013 – Over the past six months, we have been developing a relationship with Crista Camps, which operates two camps: Miracle Ranch and Island Lake. Both properties are within an hour of our base. Crista has...

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“I was starting to think Jesus was kinda whack!”

05/06/2013 –   “I read the Bible last night.”  He had the appearance of a typical “skater” – sweat-stained hoodie, Vans shoes, and a devil-may-care expression veiled by long, disheveled curls. Though like so...

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