Packing 17 middle school students into a small lodge in the Belgian forest for four days can be quite an experience!  Yes, we finished the week exhausted and are still trying to catch up on our rest, but there is a reason we call it an Adventure Camp! Not only was it an adventure in activities like the zip line, go carts, BMX biking, high ropes and
rock wall climb, team building and an epic snowball fight, but it was also an adventure in faith. 

Sometimes the plan is for the students to have a faith adventure, when God wants us to be the ones to experience the “trust fall” into His arms. Normally the weather in this part of Europe is well into its beautiful spring mode. God loves challenges. I planned on a beautiful three-hour hike through the forest with team-building activities along the way. God thought nearly six inches of snow on the ground would be better. With kids wearing flimsy sneakers and no gloves, I knew plans needed to change. Bring out the epic snowball fight (with borrowed gloves, plastic sacks for sock covers and a warm fireplace). I had planned a trip to a local church service, but with icy roads and uncomfortable adult drivers, the plan changed to an impromptu service with sharing and singing time. When we looked back we could praise God for His guidance through the storm which allowed us to have a more meaningful time than had I followed all of our well laid plans.

The faith adventure continued through our camp speaker and small group times as well. We discussed King David’s failure to “man up” and keep his eyes on God instead of His creation. We asked the question, “How many people were affected because of David’s actions?” The guys realized that our actions can have far reaching effects on those around us. One of our students played his own prank on the trip and ended up hurting someone. He chose the path, like David, to “man up” and publicly apologize for his actions. His father told me later that his son was impacted so much by this that their whole family was effected.

The faith adventure continues as nearly all of the students have a desire to continue the small group discussion and discipleship that was started on this trip. Please pray with us that the right leaders and timing would come together so that we could keep these students growing in their faith.

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