From Guys’ Marathon Day…

Sweat, competition, ongoing flag football games, the longest football throw contest, lunch with Gordon Ramsay’s special recipe gourmet burgers and finishing the day with the perfectly marinated 1+ pound sirloin steaks all allowed our young men to be truly themselves and get to know other students and leaders in the 12 hour day known as Guys Marathon Day. The day was put together with a few ideas in mind – building community and camaraderie together as young men and competing well throughout the day. Although they were exhausted to the point where some took multiple days to recover, the memories and discussions continue and lead us to what I recently experienced with our high  school guys. If it weren’t for the amazing God-inspired outreach produced in our Guys Marathon Day back in September at our installation, the relationships that have continued wouldn’t ever had happened.

…to camping in the woods.

This paricular campground is a place which I find rest in God in so many ways, whether the peace of His creation, through a campfire made and the smell it creates or the solitude of silence away from the busyness of my home in town. In our recent journey out to the campground, I had the pleasure to observe and experience time with a small group of high school guys who were ready to enjoy some time and awesomeness together. Eager anticipation for the event might have been built up when I shared I would take care of getting tons of food for these always hungry young men. Whatever it takes!

As we were settling into our location, I found out that two of our guys had never camped in their life. Let alone the antics of the rest of the guys trying to spook them, the basics of
cutting wood, setting up a tent, building a fire and cooking over it were mostly foreign to our guys. The majority of the guys hadn’t ever swung an axe before either. Luckily one of our boys brought an axe to the campout. It wasn’t long before the testosterone and fierce competition broke out with our guys on who was the best at chopping up the huge logs for our fire that evening. By the end of the evening, it was nearly a dogfight of who was next to get the axe – even to the point where the camp master had to come by and remind us of quiet hours had started 1.5 hours earlier! Over the course of this month, I am going to share with a little bit about each of these guys.  These are the students that we work with.

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