Camping in the woods is a great place for students to open up and share who they are.  Paul*, who is a junior and respected among his peers, decided to attend the campout only a day after having his wisdom teeth pulled. Paul was one of those young men who couldn’t put down the axe for the majority of the night. He was always willing to go out into the woods with a group of guys to gather up the largest pieces of wood to be chopped for the fire – sometimes carrying it on his own! It isn’t uncommon for normal activity to affect someone from having a procedure like that done, but this young man could care less.  He was all in for the competition and fellowship together with the guys. This opened the door for Paul to share his own personal story with all of us and how he had broken his own purity with girls. He even went further to share how he has grown up with a father who had been Mormon most of his life but recently had heard his father share he didn’t believe God existed and his mother was a Baptist which essentially has pushed him into not knowing if and what he believes today. This is one of the students we work with who needs to know the love of Christ.

*Named changed.

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