I love these students!!  On December 30, we loaded up a bus with military teens in the wee hours of the morning and headed out to Innsbruck, Austria for Winter Blitz.  While I knew all of the kids by name, there were still some who I didn’t know very well… this week changed all that.  I was excited about my cabin of six girls. One of the girls I knew fairly well, but two of these girls I met the week prior.  Every night we heard a gospel message from our speaker, Pete, and afterwards we would go back to our room for cabin time.  This consisted of discussing the message further and relating it to our lives.  In the first couple of nights, Pete shared how God doesn’t just love us, but likes us as well.  One of my girls was particularly struck by this.  She said this was the first time that she’d ever heard that God “liked” her and from then on I could see a marked change in her. She seemed happier, more outgoing, and I could see change happening in her life. She said her favorite thing of the week was “cabin time”. I was so glad that God spoke through Pete in such an awesome way.



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